Monday, December 4, 2017

Best Sleep App For iPhone 2018

Relax Melodies 3D for iOS

While there are plenty of sleep sound apps in App Store, we found this special app stands out of the crowed simply because of following reasons,

1. Surround 3D Sounds
It is hard to find an app that offers sleep meditation sounds in surround 3D mode. This app just does that. You will notice once you tap on the very first sound of the app when you hear a rumbling thunder revolves around your head. That's an amazing pleasant surprise from a free app.

2. Actual Recorded Sounds
App claims that it comes with actually recorded natural sounds. And apparently it sounds like it. App doesn't sound like it contains artificially computer generated sounds. Unlike many other apps , this app actually comes with most realistic high quality sounds.

3. It's FREE and No Ads!
At least so far , app does not have a single ad. And app is free. Although not all the contents are free, there are plenty of free content.

4. It's Loud
The problem with many similar apps is, they are not loud enough to blend with Music app or any other audio apps. Whenever you turn the volume up, rain sleep sound apps sounds get faded away until you can not almost hear it. Which is a real bummer. But surprisingly this app, is actually loud enough to blend with any other audio or music app. And this is the only app I found so far in App Store that is loud enough to play with Music app. And app has an option to turn on and off whether it should blend with other audio apps.

5. Comes with a sleep timer
Sleep timer lets you stop playing sounds after certain amount of time which saves device's battery.


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