Sunday, July 24, 2016

Apple App Store and $999 price tag

Has Anyone Tried $999 price tag on Apple App Store ?

I've been researching on this recently.  App Store allows you to set your iOS app's price tag to anything between $0.99 to $999 through ITC ( iTunes Connect Portal).  Recently I tried this premium $999 just to verify if Apple really let anyone sell their apps at any price tier available in ITC options. However when I set $999 everything look fine. Usually it takes a while to update price in App Store. BUT when I set $999 tier, my app completely disappeared from App Store! WTF! But ITC didn't show any errors, warnings... nothing! Simply my app is gone.  When I put it back to the old price tier ($ 2.99) App appeared in App Store again... Strange!

So I kept trying different high price tiers such as  $499 etc. Still I faced the same issue.  Then I gradually increased price from a low tier until I could see how much I can increase my app's price in App Store without getting it disappeared.

What I found out was, the max limit you can go is $299! You can directly set $0.99 to $299 without any issue. However if you try anything higher your app will get disappeared from App Store. This is very strange and I have no idea why. There are apps priced at $999 at the moment.

I don't know Apple's logic behind this. They haven't mentioned anywhere that there are limits in price tiers. As far as I can see they secretly control this. Or is it just me ? I've never contacted apple about this.


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