Sunday, January 4, 2015

For those who do not wish to read the full article and try the settings right away here are the settings.

G27 Profiler Global Settings

G27 Specific Game Settings

Grid Autosport In-game Vibration Settings

There you go!

Need a little explanation? Read on,

For simplicity sake I've set exact same values for both Global and Game specific settings. This will make sure we are getting exact same settings from the Logitech profiler.

Most important thing in these settings is setting the "Centering Spring Strength" to "0". And also make sure "Enable Centering Spring" is checked.

You might be wondering that there's no point of enabling this option unless you set the spring strength to something other than "0". I had the same question until I actually test it myself.  I'll explain this later in this article.

Most Realistic Logitech G27 settings for Grid Autosport

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