Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to fix iPhone Message App crashing issue , if none of other method you tried NOT working!

Many people who have received above message can no longer access iPhone's message app. And many article on internet mentions that you can fix this by sending back a reply to the original sender (or original sender must send some other normal message).

There are number of methods to try sending a message mentioned by online articles. Unfortunately none of them worked for me. Including SIRI method, Image sharing method etc.

 However I found this app called Unshortener , which has an option to send an SMS. And this app previews the message history of your Message App when a sender's name typed in the "To:" field! (see pic 2)

All you have to do is , go through all the people's messages who sent you that 'crash message' and send them back a normal message ( something like "test"). Then it will magically fix everything and you will be able to open Messages app again.


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